Monday, December 27, 2010

Budget and Shopping Tips in Taiwan

The third and fourth day were spent on shopping and actually touring the city of Taipei (you know the usual, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Sun Yat Sen Memorial, and other parks located in the bustling metropolis of Taipei. Also visited Taipei 101 via the City Hall MRT Station. All these can be reached via the MRT so it's actually a no-brainer to go there. Here are some pics

I guess it's time to focus on the shopping part! I decided to visit my usual fare of Carrefour at Mingde Station (this is right after the Shilin MRT Station). There is a factory outlet there of Adidas and as usual, I was able to buy a pair of rubber shoes for only NT 800 (the price of that shoes in SM is roughly at Php 3200 so it's really dirtcheap there). I also bought my usual fare of "relief goods" aka big 30-packs of Carrefour Macchiato instant coffee and some tea for only NT 85. I used credit card for this so this will not be part of the NT 3000 budget =). For those asking how cheap laptop prices are in Taiwan, you got it right! It is cheaper than Singapore. The Acer Aspire One, being sold at Villman here in Manila for Php24,999 is only being sold in Taipei at only NT 8999! That's roughly Php 13,500! Almost twice the price of the laptops here in Manila. Of course, Acer and Asus, being Taiwan-made products, are cheaper here than anywhere in the world.

For the souvenirs, and keychains, I bought them at Yeliu Gift Shop right outside Yeliu Geopark for only NT 100 for 12 pcs of keychains. These are clear keychains shaped like the island of Taiwan with a 1-NT coin embossed in the middle. This is the place where I bought them:

For the budget, here is a detailed breakdown so that you will have an idea:
Accom: 3000
Easycard: 900 (includes 4 topups of NT 100 at their card reloading stations in the MRT)
Entrance to Yehliu Geopark: NT 50
Entrance to Taipei Floral Expo: (NT 162, using Easycard with 10% discount)
Souvenirs (keychains and some other stuff at Yehliu geopark): NT 350
Bus from Taipei to Airport NT 125

Day 1 lunch, 7-11 bento boxes of breaded pork chop, steamed veggies, and dessert: NT 65
Day 1 dinner, McDo chicken burger meal with iced milk tea and large fries, NT 59
Day 2 lunch, Family Mart noodles, NT 50
Day 2 dinner, local resto at Shilin, NT 50 for a big bowl of noodles
Day 3 lunch, local resto near Taipei Main Station, NT 75 for rice bowl toppings
Day 3 dinner, Carrefour takeout food, NT 50
Day 4 lunch, Taipei Main Station local resto, NT 75
Day 4 dinner, resto at the 3rf floor of Taipei International Airport, NT 150 for a big bowl of Wanton Noodle

TOTAL = NT 4,961
Note: Does not include items in Adidas Outlet Store and Carrefour relief goods as these were purchased using my credit card:-) 

RT Cebu Pacific Fare: Php 2100
Travel Tax: Php 1620
Terminal Fee: Php 750

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  1. langya talaga ang gobyerno dito,buwaya!mas mahal pa ang binayaran mong tax/terminal fee kesa sa roundtrip ticket mo!dapat kasi umpisahan na ng online community na to campaign to reduce or even remove na the travel tax!